Father’s Day Cognac Special

Unique gift for unique Dad- Exclusive!!!

Bache-Gabrielsen is a medium-sized family-run cognac house with an international history. With the creation of the company in 1905. With its clean design, Bache-Gabrielsen takes an important position in the cognac market, exporting mainly to Scandinavian countries, and finally now to the US.
Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, the fourth generation head of the company, is well aware that the cognac industry is undergoing changes, with the international market being heavily developed and marketing strategies refined to cater a younger, trendier consumer-base. Considering the size of the business in comparison to the big cognac houses, it is surprising to find out that it holds the market leadership in cognac sales in Norway!

Prices are a third of any XO or a 10th of any other Hors d’Age.

Direct import from W Wine Boutique & Spirits

Bache-Gabrielsen XO Cognac 750ml
SALE $59.99
Reg. $70.00
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A blend of selected distillates from Grande Champagne (65%) and Petite Champagne (35%). In addition it is made from 95% Ugni Blanc grapes and 5% Colombard and Folle Blanche. Dark golden colour. Elegantly complex bouquet of spices, dried fruit, flowers and a hint of citrus. Distinctive and powerful, but not heavy. Superior concentration of flavour. Rounded attack with a long, elegant finish and the clear stamp of more than 20 years in the cask.
In 2009, Bache Gabrielsen received a double Gold medal at the San Francisco World Spirit Competition for its XO.
Bache-Gabrielsen Hors d’Age Cognac 750ml
SALE $164.99
Reg. $200.00
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Bache Gabrielsen Hors d’Age is a 100% Grande Champagne, a 1st Cru cognac. The oldest eaux-de-vie in the blend date back to the year of 1917 and the youngest around 1960. This Cognac takes over 50 years to make. The grapes used for this blend are Ugni Blanc, Colombard and Folle Blanche.
In 2008, the Hors d’Age received one of the most respected awards in the world: the Gold medal at the International Wine & Spirits Competition in London.
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