Bache-Gabrielsen Cognacs


The cognac house of Bache-Gabrielsen was founded by Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen from Holmestrand in 1905.  Several generations later the business is still owned and run by the Bache-Gabrielsen family.  It is now being run by Thomas Bache-Gabrielsen’s great-grandson Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, who recently took over the day-to-day management from his father, Christian Bache-Gabrielsen.

Pure & Rustic VSOP $29.99

This VSOP is a blend of 75% Fins Bois and 25% Borderies cognac.  Matured in oak casks for around 8 years.  It is pale gold in colour.  Fresh with a rich bouquet of ripe fruit.  Fruity, rounded flavour with a distinctive, characterful finish.  Great length.


This VSOP is a blend of 80% Fins Bois and 20% Petite Champagne cognac.  Matured for around 7 years.  A beautiful, sparkling pale brown.  Discreet but well-balanced bouquet with both fruit and flower notes.  A classic VSOP with a light, rounded, soft attack, but a distinctive long finish.

XO Fine Champagne $69.99

A blend of selected distillates from Grande Champagne (65%) and Petite Champagne (35%).  In addition it is made from 95% Ugni Blanc grapes and 5% Colombard and Folle Blanche.  Dark golden colour.  Elegantly complex bouquet of spices, dried fruit, flowers and a hint of citrus.  Distinctive and powerful, but not heavy.  Superior concentration of flavour.  Rounded attack with a long, elegant finish and the clear stamp of more than 20 years in the cask.

Hors d’Age Grande Champagne $199.99

A pure Grande Champagne.  The oldest elements in the blend are from around 1917, while the youngest are from the 1960s.  Made mainly from the traditional Ugni Blanc grape and 10% Folle Blanche.  Dark golden colour.  A rich, generous bouquet.  Excellent balance between fruit, flowers and spice notes from the wood.  Powerful attack, almost oily in consistency, a distinctive and unmistakable stamp of Grande Champagne with the famous long finish.  It takes more than 50 years, but it is worth waiting for.




Bache-Gabrielsen Hors d’Age Cognac 750ml $199.99 Add to Cart
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